In2Search Privacy Policy

How do we collect your data?

We collect your data when you send us information such as CVs or resumés or when we approach you in connection with a search project, and during subsequent verbal or written exchanges.

We may also obtain personal data from job boards or social media, some information being publicly available, others from sites or providers to which we subscribe. We may also receive personal data from your colleagues, former employers, or other persons. If we wish to retain such data, we will ask for your consent.

What data do we collect?

Personal and business contact details, CVs, resumés or career history, records of conversations, email exchanges, interview reports, written references or other documents related to the hiring process.

Why do we hold your data?

So that we have good quality information to be able to consider you for appropriate opportunities.

So that we can contact you when appropriate for other reasons associated with In2Search business, such as for possible referrals, references, or to offer our services.

What do we do with your data; how and when will we share it?

We hold your data securely. We might update your record when we receive new information, and we encourage you to keep your information regularly updated. We may conduct searches within our database which could include your record and use the information to assess your suitability for a particular opportunity.

With your specific permission given at the time, we may submit your information to a client in connection with a hiring process.

Otherwise, we will not share your data outside In2Search unless legally obliged to do so.

How is my data held?

Your data is held in a state of the art, cloud based system specifically designed for executive search businesses like In2Search. The facility is managed in the USA and complies with the EU-US Privacy Shield. It is secured to the highest standards of the industry with access protected by multi-factor authentication.

Retention – how long will we hold it?

Our contacts and relationships with companies and individuals go back over many years. We maintain a long term interest in the careers of our candidates, appointees, and other contacts. We consider it of great value to retain our contact history for the future. We frequently find this to be in candidates’ interest and of value to our clients.

Therefore we do our best to keep your data up to date, and will retain it for as long as you allow us. We will periodically invite you to update your information and request your consent to continue retaining it. We will do this at least every three years.

However you can request for your data to be removed at any time, on the understanding this may reduce the likelihood we consider you for a future opportunity.

You can update your information at or request a print of the data we hold on you by emailing

Our Details:

Data Controller: Andrew Milton-Thompson, 46 Crossways Avenue, East Grinstead UK, RH19 1HZ

Data Protection Officer: Andrew Milton-Thompson