In all of the dealings I had with Andrew regarding this appointment, I found him to be open, friendly, informative and helpful. I believe he was definitely looking for the best opportunity for me and the new company.

4th December 2015

I had the pleasure to work with Andrew a couple of years ago and was very impressed by his professionalism, no-nonsense, result-oriented approach. He has a good network within the chemical industry and was really helpful with his coaching and personal approach.

4th December 2015

It has been a great pleasure to work with Andrew. His professionalism helped me through my recent recruitment process. I appreciated the fact that he kept in continuous contact with me, acted as a bridge between demand and supply as though we were two clients, armed me with very valuable feedback for the upcoming rounds. I am looking forward to our next common project

4th December 2015

Andrew was very professional and easy to interact with, he seemed to have an excellent understanding of the required candidate profile and the experience to quickly match a suitable candidate to the profile. He was a pleasure to work with. I have had dealings with a number of recruitment consultants over the years and there are only two that I would recommend and one of the recommendations would be Andrew.

4th December 2015

Dedication, perseverance, results

5th November 2015

During the process that resulted in appointing me into my current position, Andrew showed a deep understanding of the business and culture of the organisation, and insight into what I could bring. He helped create a counter-intuitive but highly successful fit, both for me and the company.

European Sales Director, Major minerals concern 4th November 2015

While working for Valspar in Europe, Andrew was always able to present us with high calibre experienced product development leaders for both packaging and industrial coatings positions. I always appreciated Andrew’s detail orientation to understand the requirements of these positions in order to present us with product development candidates who both had the required industrial experience but who also matched the dynamics and culture of our organization. On top of this, Andrew has a very friendly style and is always available during the recruitment process

Dr Paul H Stenson – Executive Vice President – Technology & Product Development - Ahlstrom 4th November 2015

Two crucial points differentiate Andrew from any other recruiter I’ve used.  First of all, he has the experience and background to actually understand our business, its culture and its critical success factors, enabling him to describe and recruit to the position far more effectively. Secondly, he is extremely conscientious in pre-screening candidates and then thoroughly describing and summarizing their strengths and weaknesses, so that not only is my interviewing workload reduced, but the quality of my interviews is greatly enhanced. He has been an important part of building a brand new management team at EPS.

4th November 2015